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Grootbos, goes beyond simply conserving the pristine wilderness they call home. They are constantly researching, innovating and pioneering new ways of doing things – in order to transform the lives of community members as well as preserve 2500 hectares of botanical and wildlife treasures.. 

They do not just conserve the environment, they are deeply integrated and supportive within their eco-system, constantly pioneering new paths. Unparalleled luxury combined with a natural and enlightened way of living, to give you deeper connections to the earth, other people and yourself.







Luxury Africology


Central City


World Class


  • If you are serious about making your brand stand out from your competitors in the UK and Europe, then this is for you. Here we offer you the full benefit of our in-depth understanding of the various markets and our years of experience in the luxury hospitality sector.

    • Business Analysis

    • Trade Relationships

    • Industry Alliance 

    • Marketing Campaigns

    • Media Planning

    • Strategic Planning

    • Segmentation Analysis

    • Distribution Strategy

    • Product Training

    • Event Management

    • Account Management

    We offer you the full circle: a complete marketing, sales and PR solution in the UK and Europe. Services include:

  • Having many years of experience running large corporate sales and marketing divisions, we have the ability and experience to analyse your sales and marketing structures against your top line objectives.

  • We specialise in partnering with niche high-end agents who deliver bespoke, tailor-made itineraries for their discerning clients. Through targeted e-campaigns, we will generate brand and product awareness in targeted markets and segments.

  • We have created unique events in the most beautiful cities throughout Europe and the UK, always matching the venue and program to the event objective. We understand the detail and the small things that make events successful. We are creative, yet practical in everything we do.

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