Tourism in Zimbabwe: a hub of biodiversity and culture

“Victoria Falls has expanded from being a border town, to one with countless activities for every type of visitor to enjoy – from adventure and adrenaline, to cultural and luxurious.

Zimbabwe is another area that Bushtracks Africa, acclaimed destination management company, offer expert management and expertise for eager tourists. Their passion and experience in the safari industry in Southern Africa has given them incredible insight on the beloved areas of Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Here they share their unique insights on Zimbabwe as a popular tourist destination.

Victoria Falls as a gateway to many surrounding national parks

The iconic Victoria Falls breathes life into the Zambezi river, and forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.  The town of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is loved as a popular tourist destination, and a top choice for clients of Bushtracks Africa due to the variety of adventure activities on offer, a magnificent view of the wondrous falls, and access to several wildlife safaris.

Victoria Falls has built an incredible reputation as being the adventure capital of Southern Africa with an adrenaline-filled activity for every client. Guests can push their comfort zones by partaking in bungee jumping, gorge swinging and white-water rafting amongst other activities – offering guests the opportunity to experience the beauty of the country in a highly-stimulated manner.

Victoria Falls is a popular gateway to accessing the heart of some of Southern Africa’s favourite national parks such as Chobe, Hwange and Livingstone which offers brilliant exposure to the vibrant wildlife.

Victoria Falls River Lodge
Recently, the clientele has changed slightly to include a bigger emphasis on a cultural experience. As a result, the likes of art safaris, village tours, the steam train and sunset cruises have grown significantly in popularity.
Simon Teede, Regional Manager of Bushtracks Africa Zimbabwe

Properties that hold a high standard of excellence

Zimbabwe is popular amongst travellers who can afford to partake in the wide variety of activities on offer. As a result, most of the properties cater for the mid-range to up market guests. However, that’s not to say the country doesn’t cater for backpackers on a budget – there is something for everyone.

Due to the popularity of the destination, the properties have developed a high level of competition. In turn, there is an unwavering standard of excellence and unique offerings that have become the expected norm when visiting Zimbabwe.

The improved ease of transport has made access to various properties much easier, broadening the overall experience for guests who choose to stay at more than one location.

Bumi Hills, Kariba
At Bushtracks Africa, we put properties in our portfolio with remarkable differences to offer a one-of-a-kind experience. All of the logistics are worked out when building the itineraries which are catered for the guests specifically.

Zimbabwe offers a variety of landscapes

Zimbabwe is uniquely special because of its biodiversity – the eastern highlands introduce an atmosphere similar to Scotland and Europe. This is starkly contrasted to the mountainous areas, the flood plains of Mana pools and the dry landscape of Hwange.

The country is completely multi-dimensional. With such a wide variety of landscape scenes, there is something for everyone.

Ivory Lodge, Hwange
Despite the hardship that Zimbabwe has faced, the population has remained highly educated and services at the properties are extraordinary. We offer the most vigorous guiding courses, this makes a guest’s bush experience highly enriched with knowledge as the guides share their excitement about the wilderness. Zimbabwe truly is unique in its character – it has a real soul to it, a real atmosphere.

Zimbabwe has had its tough times, but in the past three years it has exploded as a tourist destination. This is largely due to the new airport which has improved accessibility, giving agents the opportunity to access this part of the world again as they realise what Zimbabwe has to offer.

In order to boost knowledge and love for the destination, Bushtracks Africa, in conjunction with South African Airways and 3Sixty Luxury Marketing, will be presenting an academy in London on the 04 October to educate agents on the region. You can read more about it here.

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