Dense game viewing adds to Botswana’s attraction

Bushtracks Africa, a leading destination management, safari and logistics company in Southern Africa, has built a trusted and respectable name as experts in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. They are passionate about assisting guests discover the beauty of Africa, in a way that best suits their interests. Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring unique insights on experiences they offer in the three countries.

Botswana, one of Southern Africa’s favourite tourist destinations, is home to the esteemed Okavango Delta and 2,5 million people. Transformation in the country has boosted the economy from previously being one of the poorest in the world, to one of the globe’s fastest growing economies.

When one considers the lush land filled with countless wildlife viewing opportunities and a culture steeped in rich heritage, it is no wonder that tourism in the area has grown phenomenally over the years.

Popular activities in Botswana

One of Bushtrack’s signature products, the Chobe Day Trip, is a highlight activity for many visiting Botswana. The activity combines a game drive in the Chobe National Park followed by a game cruise with a back drop of the setting sun.

Nearby, Victoria Falls is a very popular tourist destination, and the Chobe Day Trip is catered for, and targeted to, people who are staying in this area. This highlights the increased ease and accessibility of travelling across the Southern African borders, experiencing the area in its entirety.

The swampy, marshy areas in the Okavanga Delta and surrounds are popular for Mokoro, allowing guests to get close to the animals as the canoe propels through the shallow waters.

The game is incredible in Botswana, with many dense game viewing opportunities. As a result, game drives are very popular. As the concessions are unfenced, the guides can go off road and get closer to the animals and their kills.

Linyanti is one of the areas that is very popular for walking safaris, and often preferred over game drives due to the thick Mopani area.

Mokoro at Linyanti Ebony

Walking safaris are popular in the concession areas as there is a high density of buffalo and elephants. Being on foot in the wilderness gives guides the opportunity to highlight the details of the bush, demonstrate their tracking abilities and educate guests about the environment.

In addition, the concessions remove the limitations of opening and closing times that control entry in the national parks. As a result, the likes of night drives are available, giving guests the opportunity to see nocturnal animals.

Certain areas of the Okavango are also very popular for horse safaris, allowing guests to ride from place to place, providing a great alternative game viewing experience.

Properties in Botswana contribute to the experience

Botswana properties offer a wide variety of accommodation, catering to the unique desires of guests. In most cases, the overall experience of a trip to Botswana is based on the property that a guest chooses.

There are high-end properties that cater for comfort and a feeling of protection amidst the wilderness. Other properties offer raw and rustic experiences, allowing guests to maintain the thrill of adventure even out of the game vehicle.

Kwando Lagoon Camp

It is for this reason that Bushtracks Africa prides itself on prioritising tailor-made itineraries according to the client’s desires. Some guests want to be comfortable, others want the classic safari experience, and there is the perfect accommodation for both.

In addition, there are mobile safaris that offer both glamping experiences and regul interactive camping safaris that require participation. Ultimately, properties play an important role in defining a guest’s experience.

Various properties are renowned for certain luxury offerings, both in the terms of accommodation and staff services. These luxury offerings can often sway guests into making certain decisions. For example, African Bushcamps have the most incredible formula for hiring the most wonderful staff who completely define the experience. The staff and guides are definitely part of the property experience.

Botswana’s unique selling point

The unfenced concessions mean that there are many migratory paths, allowing animals such as zebra and buffalo to move freely, as well as showcasing wonderful bird migration patterns.

The Makgadikgadi salt pans are also largely undersold. The amazing natural wonder offers reflective safaris at certain times of the year. The San bushman are also still interactive in some of these areas, offering to share their culture, which is a wonderfully humbling experience.

Jao Camp, Okavango

Areas in Botswana, such as the Okavango Delta, are known to blow guests away. One can watch up to two thousand buffalo walk across water in the marshes. Due to the water levels of the land, certain concessions are largely underwater. In some areas up to 60% of a game drive involves going through deep waters. This adds incredibly to the experience.

Botswana has a prominent reputation in the green tourism industry. This is largely due to their no-hunting policy which has made their conservation awareness and education very strong and has had a positive impact on poaching. As a result, there has been an incredible rise in diversity of species.

With so many unbelievable activities and properties offered in Botswana, and countless guests visiting the likes of Chobe, Linyanti, the Okavango Delta and surrounds, the country is predicted to maintain its status as a prominent destination of choice.

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