Cardinal Air Services – Celebrating the Exceptional in the Charter Industry

Established in 2005 and based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Cardinal Air has over 14 years’ experience in providing both domestic and international Air Charter flights across Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. At 3Sixty Luxury Marketing, we are proud to work together with Cardinal Air Services in offering guests dedicated charter solutions when visiting Southern and East Africa.

Cardinal Air Services offer personal, private, flexible and customised flight itineraries and catering solutions. Providing versatile and safe air connectivity to diverse destinations, they actively boost tourism across the region. In this manner, they help distribute the financial benefits tourism provides to far-flung rural communities.

Cardinal Air Services

The company provides a comprehensive range of popular aircraft types. This allows them to support clients with varied budgets and group sizes. The fleet consists of executive jets, turboprops and helicopters serving the tourism and corporate industries.

Comments Richard Kloeck, Managing Director and Founder of Cardinal Air Services, “Every charter commences with a warm and personal ‘meet and greet’ service. Thereafter we link customers effortlessly to world-renowned game reserves, safari lodges, beach resorts and tourism hotspots of Southern and East Africa. How do we grow and sustain tourism to Africa? Simply, sincerely and ethically.”

Cardinal Air helps boost tourism in Africa

Cardinal Air renders an important support role to tourism partners and their clients – including 3Sixty Luxury Marketing. Through their flights, guests are exposed to the sheer wonder and beauty of Africa’s greatest destinations. Their success is founded on the basic formula of dedicated service, personal attention, impeccable planning and friendly South African hospitality – something gladly shared with every passenger.

Richard comments, “Our greatest ambassadors are guests who return home and can confidently recommend our services – a genuine compliment.  It will never be just one single item that sets us apart. We believe in prioritising people, processes, partners, experience and respect in creating an all-round memorable experience.”

Support for the Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA)

Cardinal Air Services understand the difficult and dangerous conditions that the diligent, yet under-resourced, men and women of the GRAA face daily. Well-armed and resourced poachers and militia have been decimating Africa’s rhino and elephant populations, primarily for the Vietnamese and Chinese markets. The rangers are engaged in a war for the protection and survival of Africa’s magnificent creatures against a relentless onslaught.

For every confirmed charter flight, Cardinal Air Services donates a 3-year life insurance and benefits policy to the GRAA. In addition, they cover the GRAA membership fee for individuals.

The cost for 3 years insurance & benefits cover including membership is R1065.00 (ZAR) per ranger. This contribution (less than USD $100.00) to the NGO is a massive boost to the morale of these dedicated personnel.

Richard comments, “In association with our partners at SATIB Insurance Brokers, we proudly contribute towards the GRAA. We encourage our passengers to consider matching our contribution on a voluntary basis. In this way we are able to increase the number of rangers covered. Through supporting this initiative we recognise, value and respect these incredible wildlife guardians.”


Richard adds, “Without their frontline protection of our wildlife, we would not have game reserves to fly to and our guests would not have the wonderful variety of wildlife to view. We look forward to welcoming you and your guests on board our flights and ‘on board’ with Africa’s rangers.”

Insurance covers are currently available for rangers in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Mozambique, Angola, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The plan is to introduce further territories in time.

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